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You’ve got a child with ADHD and you want to help them shine as fast as possible

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You want to:

  • Feel confident it is ADHD so that you can support challenges and encourage strengths

  • Know what else it could be so you don’t waste precious time by leaving gaps in support

  • Set up a full support system to help your kiddo shine ASAP

But it can be hard because:

  • Everyone tell you they have The answer and you’re starting to feel a bit jaded
  • You got a diagnosis, a few tips and a prescription but you’re too tired at the end of hte day to stay up with Dr. Google looking for answers
  • People you meet have surprisingly few answers, after all your kid's teacher just asked you how to help this kiddo

Testimonials from parents like you:

Honestly, the whole thing has just been motivating.

Because that’s what I needed. I get stuck in the too many choices, or being overwhelmed. And I’m going to hear you in my head over and over, that you can just do these tiny bits, tiny steps. It was just the motivation that I needed. And all of it has been so helpful, the worksheets, the videos, it’s been incredible.

I love the “progress, not perfection”.

That is something that I’m really working on, that we’re trying to work on here at home, that it’s progress, not perfection. And so that’s kind of like my new mantra. And also, like we had talked about the worksheets and stuff, everything that you’ve put together is super helpful.

All the resources have been great.

And honestly it’s a great course, you should raise up the price, definitely, it’s worth much more.

I'm no stranger to ADHD resources.

I have so much knowledge, have done so much research, and the emails, the content that you put forward, the way you do it, is really special.

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