Understanding your kiddo's
brain and body is the essential first step.

No two brains and bodies are the same. 



What you need to know...


67% - 80% of clinic-referred kids with ADHD symptoms have at least one coexisting condition.  20% have three or more.

To be on the fast track to thriving, you need to know:

  • ADHD is real and is a complex neurobiological neurodiversity.
  • There are many possible contributors to ADHD symptoms.
  • Only after understanding your kiddo's unique brain and body, can you choose actions forward without so much trial and error. 
Could there be more to understand for your kiddo? 
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You are the best person to help your kiddo thrive.

Parents are often overwhelmed and unsure where to start, but it doesn't have to be that way. 

Start Here!

'Newbies' to 'been around the block' folks all benefit from ensuring they've got an accurate understanding of their kiddo's body & brain.

Identify potential hidden roadblocks with this resource listing mimics and coexisting conditions.

In a few minutes you'll know what to confirm with practitioners.

Checklist Please!

Which describes you?


7 Days to Plan Understanding Your Unique Kiddo

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify what evaluations and practitioners you'll use to understand your unique kiddo's body, brain, skills, and strengths.  By doing so, you'll reduce conflict and increase connection with your kiddo.  In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Who to call, what to say, and why getting evals is the best thing to do for your kid
  • A 7 day plan to gather all the info you need to prioritize evaluations for your kiddo
  • Bonus red flag checklists, search engine lists, and more to find your team fast

In 2 hours you'll learn how to plot your course forward with confidence and less trial and error.

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Cut The Research and Dive Into Progress

Curated events with top experts on specific topics so that you get the best info to achieve your goals. 

  • The Big Picture of Options to Build Health and Happiness 
  • Tools and Strategies for Your Frequently Asked Questions

Learn from the best in the industry and get summaries and cheat sheets to make it easier and faster to implement.

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Individualized Communities and Coaching

Struggling with overwhelm and difficulty implementing? Join our community of like-minded parents or get individualized coaching.

  • A three part recipe to end the negative spiral and start the snowball of progress along with a community that gets it. 
  • Get personalized one on one coaching to make fast progress.

No matter where you are on you're journey, you'll be propelled by celebrating your wins each step of the way.

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