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For Parents, Teachers, and Therapists

Start Understanding ADHD

Expert Mini-Series

5% - 10% of kids have ADHD. 

The first essential step to reducing stress and increasing a child's ability to thrive in life is understanding ADHD.

Yet, even many professional training programs to not include the specifics of ADHD.

This FREE mini-series with top experts helps understand ADHD and what sets a kiddo up for success in life

Free Expert Training - Yes, please!

For Parents with Kids Under 12 Years Old

3 Keys
to Address Behaviors and Support Success at Home, In School, and With Friends

You are the best person to help your kiddo live their best life. 
Yet, you've already got your hands full - picking up the clothes scattered about the house, or grabbing your 10 yr old's hand so they don't get hit by a car in the parking lot, while trying to learn a whole new world of acronyms (ADHD, SPD, OT, VT, LCSW, IEP, etc...)

If you want to help your kiddo feel better about school and you want more than a script for meds, join me for a free roadmap training on what is possible.

Free Training - Yes Please!

What others have said...

"After having researched and compiled resources for years on my own, I am beyond grateful ! This will save me countless hours of continued research this year. 

I am the most hopeful for the change to help our children thrive than I have been in years.

Thank you for giving me my hope back!"

- Mom & Summit Participant - 

Meet Veronica

Hi there!

I'm Veronica.  Through expert events, action based workshops, and a popular YouTube channel, I strive to inspire progress, hope, and a sense of "wow, we really can do this" for families of kids with ADHD symptoms. 

By moving away from looking only at surface symptoms and toward deeper understanding of unique brains, bodies, and skills, even families that have been struggling for years can bypass overwhelm and instead generate momentum with positive progress to see their kiddo have more success at school and with friends, as they create a family life they love. 


More of what others have said...


"I’m feeling much more confident and put together in how we’re going to approach this, and we’re gonna do it together, and we’re gonna do it with tiny steps, and we’re gonna do it with the idea in mind that it’s progress, not perfection. "

- Mom & Course Participant

" I was lost with no resources just a couple years ago, now I am blessed with people like yourselves.  My child who once was on a path to be a defiant angry kid is now blossoming and thriving. It is amazing how simple things can help change our lives."

- Parent and Workshop Participant

"I know far more in the span of 9 days than I have in months of floundering on my own. 
For the first time in many years I feel like there is hope for us with this journey!"

- Summit Participant
Work With Me

4 Steps to Flourish 


Learn about ADHD.
Get evaluations to get a complete picture of your unique kiddo. 



Craft a support team inside and outside of school to fit your kiddo's needs and your time and budget.  


Peaceful Home

Grow great relationships at home by discovering each other's self-regulation strategies. 


Coach Skills

Build skills in everyday life so that your kiddo gets things done and grows in independence.


How is this different?


Harvard Center on the Developing Child says there are three keys to improving outcomes for kids: reducing stress, building skills, and responsive relationships.  These three keys were essential to transforming Veronica's family so they are incorporated throughout.

Expert Resources

Veronica's lived experience transforming her family and her kid's experience has made her an expert in seeing the big picture and finding the best resouces.  Now she enjoys providing parents a roadmap of expert resouces that work practically for parents.  Now you can select what their unique family needs to thrive.



Perhaps you too get a thrill from learning new things.  It's the slowing down, the spinning thoughts in the head, and overcoming overwhelm that makes it hard to do all the things.  That's why Veronica offers The Next Tiny Step Method and Progress Pods.

The Blog

Understand, Support, and Thrive

Helping you to take your next tiny steps toward positive progress.

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