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As a parent you want the best possible outcome for your child.  You want them to grow into healthy, happy, capable adults.

Yet, the path to get there can feel like you're collecting breadcrumbs to who knows where. You want to handle your own frustrations and help your child shine! (without crushing their spirit)

Imagine if you had a whole map right from the start.

That's the ADHD-What Now? difference.

We don't just cover one step (or even one route) improving relationships, home life, and school. Every family is different, and every person is unique.

With a whole picture understanding of your child, you can select supports that get them on a positive cycle of progress fast.

Our main goals at ADHD - What now? are to help you...

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Wondered what supporting your child with ADHD involves?

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This course is designed to help you and your family understand the exact skills, behaviors, and support mechanisms that matter most to a child with ADHD.

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Hi, I'm Veronica.

It took me 4 years to figure out what to do after my kiddo got an ADHD diagnosis.

It doesn't have to take 4 years for you...

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