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Occupational Therapy for Kids with ADHD Jun 26, 2022

Is it hard to wrap your head around all the different therapists for children and how they can help?

Parents aren't trained in who does what, yet we are the ones to reach out...

The Benefits of Speech and Language Pathology Jun 26, 2022

Could there be a child in your life with a 'hidden' language difficulty that is a significant reason behind his/her attention, learning, or even social challenges?

It is not...

How Vision Therapy Helps Kids with ADHD Focus and Learn Jun 24, 2022

If you're like most parents with a child with ADHD, the first thing you do when you notice your child is struggling with reading & attending is look for a reading tutor,...

How Occupational Therapists Work with Kids with ADHD Jun 03, 2022

Have you wondered if this program or solution you've been given is really going to help your kiddo struggling with learning or attention?

You've been trying and he/she doesn't...

How to Help Your Child Become Their Best Self Jun 02, 2022

So, you're trying to rush out the door to get to school on time, and the backpack isn't packed, the kitchen is a mess, and your kiddo is nowhere to be seen.

What do you do?


ADHD or Bipolar Disorder: Overlap, red flags, and emotional dysregulation Jun 01, 2022

You probably have heard a little of my story. ;)The mission is to help you understand the unique children in your life and support the kids as they grow into thriving adults -...

What is SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)? Apr 19, 2022

I was pacing my bedroom floor; my phone pressed to my ear, trying to hear over preschoolers playing in the next room. 

The school special ed coordinator was on the phone,...