Hey there, I'mVeronica Hunter 

It took me 4 years to figure out what was important when my child has ADHD. 

I don't want it to take you that long. 

My Story

I'm an ex-scientist (who even got to intern at NASA) and a mom to multiple neurodiverse kids.  My oldest son was diagnosed at age 5 and along the way, I struggled to try to figure out what would help him and my whole family. We struggled with where to start, conflicting ideas, overwhelm his behavior, and honestly mine too. Life wasn’t the dream I envisioned when starting my family.  In trying to get to that dream, I wasted time and money on help that didn't help.

After 2 years, I sat in a psychologist's office describing all we were trying, when she said, "You are working so hard."  I started to cry.  I suddenly realized how hard I was trying but it didn't seem to be working. 

After another 2 years, of working with OTs, PTs, SLPs, LCSW, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc... and a lot of 'research', I knew the important pieces. 

Then another mom asked, "My child was just diagnosed with ADHD, what do I do now?" 
There was so much to say and I didn't want it to take other families years to figure it out. 

So, put together the virtual event ADHD - What Now? and had experts answer the stumbling blocks. 

Through my lived experience as a mom to multiple neurodiverse kids, and by interviewing 60+ experts I've put together a roadmap to help families understand their kids and take next steps for their unique kids and families.

As for my own family, one kiddo went from completely avoiding school work to self-initiating schoolwork. For another kiddo, I've set up supports needed in 3 months rather than years and have felt calm and confident in the process.

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