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to see your kiddo experience their best quality of life.

Whether you're just starting to look into ADHD or have had a diagnosis for a while, perhaps you feel overwhelmed or like you keep searching for, "What now?" 

ADHD - What Now? events give comprehensive options by TOP ADHD experts.  Many participants report learning more and feeling more hopeful in a few days than months or years on their own.

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Move From Surviving to Thriving

You want your kiddo to get positive comments on school papers and joyfully walk into school.  You don't want to remind your child to remember their lunch or flush the toilet, and you're tired of wondering why consequences don't work. Giving up your little personal time searching for how to help your kiddo adds to the exhaustion.

I've been there too, and I know that it is possible to beam with pride as your kiddo goes from "the most challenging child" to a "great student."
Fully Supported to Shine walks with you through how. 

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Actually Implement

Tired of the 'I know I should, but I don't do it" guilty cycle?  Or your brain is spinning with options, or do you feel overwhelmed?  

Flourish contains the roadmap, and peer accountability so that you stay in action with each tiny step toward massive change. People love the peer connection and the specialized "how to..." MasterClasses.

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Creating Change

Personalized 1:1 Coaching Program

ADHD Coaching has been proven to be effective in creating lasting change for neurodiverse brains.  Let's get to work on your goals. 

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