Are you DONE feeling frustrated with your child's slow progress? Do you want to help your child with ADHD without crushing their spirit?

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You want to:

  • Keep your own cool (and put an end to feeling guilty)

  • Help your child improve at home, in school, and with friends

But it can be hard because:

  • Answers aren’t clear and the school is now asking you if you've got any ideas how to get the child to write a paper.
  • Overwhelm and information overload leave you constantly moving from one next best thing to the next.

Enter Flourish - designed to empower you as your child’s coach and conductor so that they can experience more progress and success at home, in school, and with friends.

YOU are the best person to support your child’s skill growth and reduce stress. With a roadmap and clear procedures, you can use everyday life to help them make more progress at home, in school, and with relationships.

Testimonials from parents like you:

The weekly accountability and support has been instrumental in our 3 months of HUGE growth in our family.

Thank you for your support along this journey. It has been much easier than I thought. Our home is truly peaceful, connected and calm.

The results are worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! So grateful I carved out the time to pour into us.

~ Elyse

I think just to really encourage families that this is a, this is a really hard journey to be on, but get that community around you.

That's what I loved about the idea of the flourish was that it was going to be a community of people who, who knew what it was like and could really speak into that because they're in it, they're living through it themselves.

~ Cally

Thank you. I was lost with no resources just a couple years ago, now I am blessed with people like yourselves.

Wonderful generous people who have felt the same pain and how amazing it is to have resources and build supports. I know my home is better because of it.

My child who once was on a path to be a defiant angry kid is now blossoming and thriving. It is amazing how simple things can help change our lives.

~ Stacey

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